Hypro’s Impact-Pro High Pressure Nozzles are the ideal pressure wash nozzle or car wash nozzle. They are suitable for many pressure washing operations including hard surface cleaning, vehicle washing, conveyor washing, building disinfection, drain cleaning, graffiti removal, food processing and label removal operations.

The Impact-Pro Nozzle offers the highest impact as a result of the uniform narrow spray pattern. This means efficient and effective cleaning using the minimum water and pump power. In spray impact  trials using sophisticated impact sensors the Impact-Pro nozzle showed a 16% improvement in directly measured spray impact over the 4 leading competitor high pressure brands also in the trial.

Impact-Pro Nozzles are manufactured using automated equipment at Hypro’s Cambridge, UK location meaning we can offer our customers not only the best performing nozzle but a competitive price and the highest level of responsiveness and customer service with popular sizes held in stock.

Impact-Pro nozzles are suitable for a wide range of equipment including car wash and pressure washers manufactured by Karcher, Nilfisk-Alto, Kranzle, Bosch, Makita, Kew, Neilsen, Northstar, Hilti, Lavor, Cleanwell, Gerni, Wap, Frank, Brendon, Mosmatic, PA, Hydrotek, Mac 2 Allister, Interpump, Merlion, Mermaid, Honda, Cobra, Sigma, Zeta, NPX, LKX, Tekna and JWD.

Hypro also offer the Sudden Impact® nozzle, which produces a 0° rotating stream for the ultimate in high pressure cleaning. This nozzle offers fast washing with minimal water consumption as well as high durability lasting up to 5 times longer that other rotating nozzles.

To order sample Impact-Pro nozzles or  and discuss the Hypro high pressure nozzle options please call:

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Precision engineered high pressure nozzles produce concentrated jets for faster washing with less water used

Long lasting high pressure performance from Impact-Pro, a one piece hardened 416 Stainless Steel nozzle

Best value from fully automated high throughput manufacturing at Hypro’s Cambridge site

Choosing the right nozzle flow and angle for your application is vital to get the best performance. Hypro can advise you on the best nozzle for the job. For advice on nozzle selection please call:

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Impact-Pro gives 16% better washing performance from spray impact trial results