About Hypro

Hypro has been manufacturing precision engineered spray nozzles, pumps and spraying components and accessories for over 50 years. Our range of nozzles is tailored to produce the right spray pattern and spray quality for every industrial spraying application and includes; flat fan nozzles, full cone and hollow cone nozzles, the Vapro series of air atomizer nozzles and air nozzles. We manufacture in brass, stainless steel and engineering plastics such as poly acetal. In addition to offering a very wide range of standard nozzle options, we also offer custom designed and made spray nozzles where the application requires this.

When designing a spraying system or replacing nozzles, in many cases the simplest thing is to talk through your application with our experienced technical sales staff, who will offer you advice to help you achieve the result you are looking for.

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In addition we offer a range of nozzle holders, filters, pipes, hoses, fittings made from nylon, polypropylene and PVC, ball valves, pressure gauges to enable you to design and build a spraying system that meets your requirements.

We offer a full range of low, medium and high pressure pump options including; centrifugal pumps, diaphragm pumps, roller pumps, flexible impeller pumps, gear pumps and plunger pumps. This range equips Hypro to be able to supply products to for a diverse range of spraying applications such as; washing, tank cleaning, agitation, aeration, cooling, odour control, metal finishing, humidification, fire suppression, evaporative cooling, dust suppression and etching.

For full details on Hypro’s range of Industrial Spray Nozzles please visit www.hypro-ind.co.uk. For more details about Pentair and Hypro worldwide please contact us:

We also offer a the Berthoud range of knapsack, handheld and trolley sprayers which can be found at www.knapsacksprayers.co.uk

Our products are used by market leaders in almost every industry that sprays fluids including manufacturing, food and beverage processing, car wash, street sweeping, irrigation and drainage, quarrying, chemical and pharmaceutical, steel making, paint pre-treatment, waste treatment, aerospace, marine, pulp and paper processing, construction and fire protection. Hypro are also a market leader in the agricultural spraying market. We have an enviable world-wide reputation for the quality and reliability of the products we sell.

Hypro-EU Ltd is part of the Water division of Pentair Inc. Other Pentair companies include ShurFlo, Nocchi and Berkeley. Pentair employs 13,500 people worldwide in all areas of industrial and domestic fluid handling technology and has global revenue of $3.5 billion (2011).

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