Impact-Pro Spray Impact Trials

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Forceful, uniform impact is the key to achieving excellent washing performance. It also means less water used and faster washing to improve turnaround. Hypro’s Impact-Pro Nozzles offer the highest impact spray on the market today. In comparative tests, commissioned with an independent tester they outperformed competitor nozzles delivering uniformly high impact across the spay fan.


Impact tests were conducted at  70 bar pressure sprayed onto an impact sensor grid (as shown). The grid was vertically mounted to reduce the effect of residual liquid interfering with the tests. Distances from the sensor were adjusted to achieve a similar length of fan spray as follows: Albuz® UAS, Lechler® 602, Spraying Systems® PMEG and  MEG: all 15 cm, Hypro HPN 20 cm.

The test equipment contained 1936 sensors each recording 50 readings per second. The tests were run for 8 seconds for 400 readings each time. The results are shown below.

The charts below show spray impact across the spray. The intensity of the impact is shown as a 3D chart (above) and plan diagram (below). The scale shows relative impact with red the highest and blue the lowest. The Impact-Pro nozzle offers both high impact and uniform distribution for the best washing performance:

The digital scale can be converted to relative impact pressure and this is shown below for 4 of the test nozzles:

Click to see video of Hypro Impact-Pro nozzle cleaning power or order a sample quantity to trial them for yourself: